Two Book Reviews

Alexander Boddy, Pentecostal Anglican Pioneer by Gavin Wakefield
ISBN 978-1-84227-346-3

This is an absorbing and fascinating biography of A. Boddy, who ended his ministry at St. Laurence Church, Pittington, and is buried here. From the Foreword by Bishop of Durham, Dr N.T. Wright: “In Wakefield’s biography we can hear the pounding and hammering of sheer industrial noise, giving the Boddy family no rest and sometimes taking a fierce toll on their health. yet for decades they lived, celebrated, proclaimed and applied the good news of Jesus Christ, especially among those at the bottom of the social heap, in the middle of the largest shipbuilding port in the world. Sunderland should be proud to have played host to such a minister. those who work there and in similar cities today can look back at the Boddy family and take courage.”

Holy Places, Holy People by Gavin Wakefield
ISBN 978 0 7459 5304 5

Damian SSF Vicar of Holy Island, in his Foreword, says he has been waiting for ” this ordered and comprehensive directory, which not only reaches to the heart of the characters of Northumbria’s golden age but also offers a practical guide as to how to go about discovering the treasures that are undoubtedly to be found here by the pilgrim traveller.”

In the Chapter “From Sunderland to Durham: Hidden Stories” read and discover how St. Laurence Church, Pittington fits into this leg of a North East journey from Holy Island to Whitby.  Pop the book into your pocket and come and visit us!