At St Laurence’s a collection is taken during the service. Gift Aid envelopes are available on each pew for those who wish to take advantage of this.

We encourage members to prayerfully consider their finances, and make a planned decision as to how much to give. Some people set up a standing order; others prefer to put cash weekly into numbered envelopes. Contact the Treasurer for more information.

Any cheques should be made payable to “St Laurence PCC”.

How much should I give?

There is no set rule as to how much we should give, though the Church of England nationally has suggested a guideline of 5% of your take-home pay (after tax and NI) to the church, and a further 5% to other charities. But if you are better off than average you may feel called to give more, and if you are worse off than average you should probably give less than that.If you are in debt (unsecured against assets), particularly at high interest rates, then you should probably clear your debts first.

A good principle to go by is not to think ‘how much have I got to spare after paying for everything else?’. Instead, try thinking first about how generous God has been to you, and how you might want to respond, and then seeing how much you have left over. You will know you are being generous if, when you think about the amount you are giving, it would make a difference to your lifestyle if you were given that amount back! But remember, God doesn’t demand anything of us in return for his love. Anything you choose to give is a response to God’s love, it doesn’t earn it.

Nobody in church except the Treasurer will know how much (or whether) you are giving, and the Treasurer will keep that information totally confidential. All are welcome to attend church and being a full member never depends on your ability to pay.